Serengeti National Park, Tanzania - AliCurtisPhotography
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Life's Lessons

Chobi National Park, Botswana

I stepped out of the Land Rover and into the hot, brilliant sunshine. As my shoe met the ground, the grass underneath me crackled like dry hay left in the summer heat. Slowly, my eyes adjusted to the sun; I saw her, far in the distance, her gray silhouette distinct against the green background of the Mara plains. She was facing me, still as could be, just watching, observing. I watched in return. In that slow, beautiful moment, I was sharing the ground of the Savannah with one of Kenya's treasured elephants; a mother, a sister, a matriarch. And then, the moment was gone. She turned to join her herd; swaying slowly back and forth, trunk reaching down, twisting around the green grass, lifting it to her mouth as she slowly drifted away.

Honorable Mention, 2015 Orange County Fair Exhibit