The Ganges<br />
<br />
Varanasi, India<br />
<br />
The river is the lifeline of this ancient city. It is here that every important event takes place: the celebrations of new births, the bathing rituals that welcome the new day, the evening pujas of thanks that end the day by sunset, and the cremations that send souls off to their next life. It is scientifically, excessively polluted, it is spiritually clean and pure.<br />
<br />
First Place in category, 2013 Orange County Fair Exhibit

Ali Curtis

To stand as a witness to the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us. To observe the most tender of moments between human beings. Both are powerful experiences of humilty and compassion. My aspiration is to inspire that feeling through my photography in hopes that we can share an appreciation for the fragile world around us and the fagility of the people in it. I hope that Ali Curtis Photography offers you a new window into our world, my passion.
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